Digital paintings

Digital painting is a whole lot of fun, but the layers, man! The LAYERS.

Gold Ranger Grom.jpg

Gold Ranger Grom

Painted for a Honda Grom enthusiast who shares an obsession with the Power Rangers

gaming uniform.jpg

James Marsters Gaming Uniform

His iconic Gaming Uniform: A pink v-neck tee and green plaid bottoms

Everyone Knows Me At Muscle Beach.png

Mark Devine’s Muscles

ViDiOTS star Mark Devine visits Muscle Beach

Peppermint Patty Addict.jpg

Mark devine, the patty fiend

At his lowest point, we see ViDiOTS star Mark Devine addicted to Peppermint Patties and in desperate need of an intervention.

sacred circle of mashed potatoes.jpg

Sacred Circle of Mashed Potatoes

A custom logo created for the Sacred Circle of Mashed Potatoes, two best friends who share gossip and secrets over a paper container of Whole Foods mashed potatoes. Their motto is, "Nothing leaves this sacred circle".

This image borrows elements from Sailor Jerry style tattoo art and incorporates original content to create something truly silly.


Thanks for carrying my weight

A custom piece made for a friend who wanted to thank his coworker for carrying him through his training.


red level

A study in lighting and textures


Darius & Garron's adventure

League of Legends / Adventure Time Crossover Fan Art

Darius of Noxus accidentally flushes himself down the toilet and winds up in the Land of Ooo. He seems happy now, but he's completely unaware that his mortal enemy, Garen of Demacia, is gaily tripping down the same sunshiny path.


Gnarf, Pikachu, and Wario

Drawn for Gnarf, who is a huge fan of Wario, sketches creepy Pikachus like the one shown, and is a renowned UI Designer. This is a gauntlet thrown in favor of digital painting over vector work.

Gnarf's original creepy whiteboard Pika

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 7.50.24 PM.png

**No profit is made from any characters in this drawing on this website