Jason Stein

My beloved tattoo artist Jason Stein from Cyclops Tattoo in San Francisco is a guy with beautiful tattoos and a unique fashion sense. He's usually sporting something unusual, like a pair of shoelaces you've never seen before or a whacky vintage button up shirt. In addition, he has a distinctive purple apron he wears when he's working, that simply begged to be immortalized. 

JasonStein_accessoriesFRONT copy.jpg

Jason's Iconic Apron

Jason's purple apron was hand sewn and includes a clasp at the back of his neck and a tie around his waist. 

His face is painted watercolor style with acrylics. His turquoise earrings are raised with a polymer acrylic hybrid paint.


That Whacky Shirt

This shirt print is a reproduction of a vintage button down that Jason often wears. His sleeves are rolled up to reveal meticulously recreated tattoos. 

The turquoise earrings continue on the reverse side of his head, again using a polymer acrylic hybrid paint to create a raised texture.


His Trusty Hat

Jason is rarely seen without a newsboy cap. This cap was hand sewn, scaling down a full size hat pattern. The hat is made from a herringbone tweed and includes a personalized "JS" lining.